What Can I Say?

I did some type of exercise in online branding and I came up with this: INSIGHTFUL. FEARLESS. AUTHENTIC. Maybe on a good day.


I have a super power: I see people. I can read people and I know when you are holding back. Behind the camera, this means that I can see when you are not being you. I know how to get the real you to show up. I am sneaky that way.


I have a problem. I call it loving to learn, but it is more like an obsession. I need to push myself beyond what I think I can do and for you, that means that I am working my ass off every day to get better and be better.


I can't be any other way. What you see is what you get. Sorry;) I love people. I love to photograph them, learn their stories and see the very best in them. You are just inherently interesting the way you are.

Cool Facts

Well, not that cool. Maybe interesting facts? Ok, how about facts...

I was born out east in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The smell of the ocean still transports me to my happy place even though we left before I even started school.
I grew up in Northern Ontario. A lot like out east really. Sault Ste. Marie or if you are from there, “The Soo.” Cool story: my daughter became friends with someone in high school because she heard her mention “The Soo.” My daughter instantly realized that this was someone who knew the place. Ends up I went to high school with her dad:) Small world.
My other daughter and I saw 3 Broadway Shows in 28 hours. Her first Broadway show ever was Wicked, followed by Chicago and ended with Nice Work If You Can Get It with Matthew Brodrick. Pretty spectacular introduction to the genre.
I have been to all five great lakes in one year. I LOVE those lakes. I love the Great Lakes more than is healthy. Have planned a trip with my son to jump in all the lakes within 24 hours. This will either go really well or really badly. Either way, it will make an amazing story. #goals

I took hockey lessons when I turned 40.

I thought that was my midlife crisis but turns out this business is:)

Best. Midlife crisis. Ever.

I’ve been told I speak Russian with a Nova Scotian accent. Pretty sure that wasn’t a compliment.
We names our cat Liz Lemon after Tina Fey’s character in 30 Rock. She is a bit of a goddess in our household.
I also like to ride through parking lots on the back of a grocery cart muttering “wheeeee”. My children don’t believe I do this.

What is it like to work with me? Check out the video.

(I seriously refused to laugh for 24 hours after I saw the video. Had no idea how distinctive it was!)

Did I scare you off yet?

A few outtakes



I have the most amazing family. Two daughters, a son, a best friend that masquerades as my husband, a dog and a cat.


Bucket List

Finally got to Venice last year.



There are just no words…..


must do

Learn how to make pasta when in Rome.



Great way to celebrate my birthday.



Too often I seem to only exist in selfies! Started hiring photographers. #practicewhatIpreach

Think you can work with me?

Are ready to work with someone passionate about what she does? Someone with the knowledge, skills, talent and gear to get the job done? Someone who knows that EVERYONE can be photogenic? Then let's get it done.