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Headshots & Personal Branding

Professional headshot and personal branding photography in London, Ontario

Specializing in People Who Think They Aren't Photogenic

Are you one of those people that never look good in photos?  Don’t worry: it isn’t you.  It is the photographer’s job to make you photogenic, not yours. EVERYONE is photogenic in front of my camera.  Guaranteed

Personal Branding for Real People

You need images that show your real personality and character. Enough of the stiff and blank looks for you. It’s time to get images of the real you out into the world.

Nothing Phoney Here

People know instantly looking at an image if they are looking at a real expression or a fake one.  You NEED a photographer that can capture an authentic version of you or there is no point of having an online image at all.  This is one time you cannot fake it until you make it! Expression is everything. Leave it to me to get that out of you.

Work With Someone You Trust

Why do the top businesses and entrepreneurs choose Anita Watkins Photography as London Ontario’s Headshot Photographer? Don’t take my word for it! Check out my testimonials to see for yourself. Check out my Google reviews as well.

No Point In Waiting

Are you waiting until you look younger, lose weight or for your fairy Godmother to show up to give you confidence in front of the camera? Hey, I AM your fairy godmother. I am the photographer who GETS what you are like on the inside and helps the world see it.  No point in waiting anymore. Let me show you the version of you, that the people that love you and respect you, see.

headshot photo of Laura Book by Anita Watkins photography in london ontario

Headshot Photography

Why do headshots matter? Because first impressions matter. Together we'll create a headshot image that represents the very best version of yourself.

Personal Branding photo of Sarina Haggarty of London, Ontario for her music career

Personal Branding

Professional personal branding photos can give you an edge in showing your personality to prospective clients, customers, employers, employees and staff.

Client Testimonials

“Anita’s energy and enthusiasm was infectious. It was amazing how she was able to capture the perfect angles and give me a ton of different options for my final shots! I would recommend her to anyone! Just a wonderful experience!”
headshot of real estate agent Alex Ward by Anita Watkins Photography
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“Anita Watkins is not only highly professional but a ton of fun! A session with her just whizzes by with her outgoing, enthusiastic personality and sheer passion for what she does. The images she takes are always stunning.”
headshot of actress rachel ganzewinkel by anita watkins photography
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“This was my first ever photo shoot and I had no idea what to expect. Anita made me feel comfortable and confident during the session, ensuring the shoot would be perfect and that the entire process ran smoothly.”
headshot of international power lifter nichola by anita watkins photography
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