Who should get a headshot?

I’ll confess…..I became interested in the art of headshots when my daughter was starting to audition in local musical theatre.  What I discovered made my head spin!!  Check out my blog post here for the full story!!   Short version? I was determined to create the best headshots for her that I could. BUT, I quickly learned:
(1) It isn’t as easy as it looks.
(2) And headshots aren’t just for actors, models and musicians anymore.

Don’t be scared to present the real you to the world. Authenticity is at the heart of success.Anonymous

Other people are finding the need for a headshot to give them an advantage in communicating who they are, as a part of their personal brand.
Business professionals, doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, journalists, Insurance Brokers, Entrepreneurs, students, in fact, anyone with an on-line presence is finding they are benefiting from having a professional headshot. We can see it everywhere from business websites, to Linked In, Facebook and other social media, a headshot can make a real difference in your brand. Take a moment and look at your own social network sites……..Are YOU in need of an upgrade?

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