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Why I LOVE this photo #2

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I was waiting for the people in front of me to finish when I noticed the man flex his bicep for a photo. I am not sure what surprised me more: that it was there OR that I KNEW what it was! I was with my 13 year old son and a couple of his buddies for the Toronto Maple …


The 6 Words That Make Every Photographer Cringe

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“Your camera takes really nice pictures!” The dreaded 6 words. For every photographer. Sure, it is nice to have great equipment. I can’t lie about that. I love each of my lenses like a child. Just ask my human children. But clearly it is not just about the equipment. Look at the two photos below: Clearly one was taken by …

Why I Love This Photo….The answer will surprise you!

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The reason I love this photo is not your typical reason. You might have guessed it is because of the subject. Well, that might have been it. This is my children’s grandfather (my father in law). He is almost 87 years old and an astonishing man. He is what you would call a “Renaissance Man”. Seems like an old fashioned …


Saunders Musical Theatre done in STYLE!!

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Saunders musical theatre program has done it again! This year, the staff and students have pulled together an outstanding preformance of The Wizard of Oz. This classic movie is a favourite for many of us, and the musical manages to maintain the drama, the joy, the colour and our favourite songs. Dog Almost Steals the Show! Saunders was lucky to …


Expression is EVERYTHING in headshot photography!

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Headshot Photography! Recovering in Style! I think I have finally recovered from having my camera stolen. As devasted as I was when I discovered that someone had come into my house and stolen my camera, I quickly remembered to be grateful that that was my worst problem. Given the suffering endured by so many, I feel very fortunate that losing …


Beautiful Winter Portraits: Watch out for this young woman!!

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Watch out for Noor! I have known this young woman for almost 5 years and she never ceases to amaze me. I took these portraits for her campaign to run for her univerisity student council. If you were on campus, you might have seen her picture everywhere! Noor was a student at South C.I. when I taught there and I …

OKTC Does It Again with Singing In the Rain!

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OKTC did it again!! Original Kids Theatre Company put on a tremendous production of Singing In the Rain at the Spriet Family Theatre in the Covent Garden Market this January, 2014. It was completely sold out and it was easy to see why!  I was lucky enough to be invited to take photos during their dress rehearsal.  Many thanks to …


Why Winter Can be a GREAT Time for a Portrait

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Winter isn’t always the most popular time to book a portrait session let alone an outdoor one but this is proof as to why it can work. What is special about winter portraits? Well the light can be really special in the winter. In Canada, the sun is lower in the sky in the winter which can cast a really …


Family Portraits in a Winter Wonderland!

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Disaster? Mom was spiking a fever but she was determined to make this family portrait photoshoot happen. Snow had been falling for hours, stores were closing early everywhere and our back up plan of the Downtown London, Ontario Covent Garden Market had fallen through as it closed early. Waiting any longer might mean that the Christmas presents that these photos …