Beautiful Winter Portraits: Watch out for this young woman!!

Anita WatkinsPortrait, Portrait Client

Watch out for Noor!

I have known this young woman for almost 5 years and she never ceases to amaze me. I took these portraits for her campaign to run for her univerisity student council. If you were on campus, you might have seen her picture everywhere!


Noor was a student at South C.I. when I taught there and I had the privilege of being her teacher in grade 9 and a staff advisor for the Social Justice Committee when she began her activist career. I left South not long after, but have kept in touch and continued to watch her grow. Her accomplishments at such a young age are already too many to list! This is a woman with a vision, the brains and heart to make it happens and the courage to fight for it.


I have to say that the energy and enthusiasm runs in her family. I also was lucky enough to have taught her older brother Izzy. In fact one of my favourite photos of all time is one of Izzy leapfrogging over a very terrified version of me!!


Although the building we hoped to shoot in was locked sustanon before and after that snowy Saturday, Noor was a great sport and we simply took the portrait shoot outside. I think it worked even better, catching the feel and energy of the Western University campus.


Hard to say which of these portraits is my favourite. Please leave a comment below to let me know yours!!

By Anita Watkins