How can you look GREAT in any photo!

Have you ever wondered why some people always manage to look great in photos while others never seem to be able to find their “good side”?

Internationally renowned New York Headshot photographer, Peter Hurley, has spent his career trying to find the answer to that question.  A former Olympic athlete, then model, Peter picked up a camera and began a new passion in his life.  His distinctive style is sought out by people all over the world.

I have been fortunate enough to study under Peter and am proud to call him my mentor.  He has taught me some of the essential ways to get the best look out of anyone!  Check out my portfolio on his site.

Today…..I am sharing with you one his most essential tips to help you always look your best in a photo!!

Watch this video and start practicing in front of the mirror!

And then contact me and let’s  crank out the best photo of you that you have ever seen!!!!!

It’s all about the JAW!

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