Expression is EVERYTHING in headshot photography!

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Headshot Photography!


Recovering in Style!

I think I have finally recovered from having my camera stolen. As devasted as I was when I discovered that someone had come into my house and stolen my camera, I quickly remembered to be grateful that that was my worst problem. Given the suffering endured by so many, I feel very fortunate that losing my camera is the most I have to worry about. So back to headshot photography I go!


Testing Out My New Background

So, here are some shots taken with my replacement camera and a new matt black Hurley Gear Proboard that was patiently waiting for me!! After working with grey backgrounds for awhile, I was curious to try a new background for my headshot photography. My hope is that you will appreciate being given a choice!  I now offer grey, black and white backgrounds to my clients.

Elisa was kind enough to give me a hand testing out a black back ground, with a black shirt and black hair. Talk about testing my gear out to the MAX!!!!

So What is a Headshot?


Take a look at the two photos above. The one to the left is a beautiful portrait.  You feel like you are looking at her and getting a little insight into who she is.  The one to the right is a headshot.  In this image, Elisa is looking at YOU!  You get a strong sense of who she is and a sense of her personality.  Can you tell she is funny, outgoing and approachable?

What Is Important About EXPRESSION?

Elisa had worked with me before so already knew some of the key elements to achieving a fantastic headshot. She understands that EXPRESSION IS EVERYTHING in a headshot so she gave me all kinds of killer expressions as you can see. That is why I offer returning clients half off the basic package (Keep it simple) as often as they need. Once you have had a headshot session with me, you will start to understand what angles flatter you most, and which expressions help you to connect to the person looking at the headshot photograph. I love being a headshot photographer!


So What is Typical Headshot Session Really Like?

Just in case you were curious, headshot sessions are a complete riot. You will quickly see that you can look fantastic in front of my camera and then my job is make you forget the camera is even there so that I can get the best image of you possible. Here are a few shots taken of Elisa reacting to some of my schtick. I think she had a great time!

Honestly, I am pretty hard pressed to choose my favourite image from this session. Feel free to comment below and let me know which is your favourite!!



By Anita Watkins