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Saunders Musical Theatre done in STYLE!!

Saunders musical theatre program has done it again! This year, the staff and students have pulled together an outstanding preformance of The Wizard of Oz.

This classic movie is a favourite for many of us, and the musical manages to maintain the drama, the joy, the colour and our favourite songs.

saunders oz-24.jpeg
Dog Almost Steals the Show!

Saunders was lucky to have a real star in the cast, none other than the dog that starred in the Mirvish production of Wizard of Oz in Toronto! They say never to share a stage with kids or dogs and it was almost true in this show. This dog was perfection and captured all of our hearts.


The talent in the Saunders Musical Theatre program is incredible.


Looking forward to many years of mucical theatre at Saunders to come!!

Saunders Oz-3.jpg
Saunders Oz.jpg

Of course, a show like this isn’t possible without the efforts of the Artistic Team, and the many many people behind the scenes.

Saunders Oz-2.jpg

What will be next for Saunders Musical Theatre?

Deighton Thomas, the drama department head and the heart and soul of the theatre program at Saunders, is retiring at the end of this season…oops, school year.  He will be missed by all.  However, we are so lucky to have Claire Martin taking over as department head and are confident that we have many more years of Saunders Musical Theatre ahead of us!

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