The 6 Words That Make Every Photographer Cringe

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“Your camera takes really nice pictures!”

The dreaded 6 words. For every photographer.

Sure, it is nice to have great equipment. I can’t lie about that. I love each of my lenses like a child. Just ask my human children.

But clearly it is not just about the equipment.

Look at the two photos below:

before and after.jpg

Clearly one was taken by an amateur and the other by a professional. Must be the equipment, right?

What might surprise you is that:

Hell, it is even the same photographer.

So why are they so different??

This is my ode to education.

Over a year ago, I made the decision to learn as much as I could about digital photography and to start a business. I have loved photography as an art form my whole life and studied extensively in the days of film. But digital was a new beast for me. And it scared me.

And so began my midlife crisis.

That first photo (which at the time I was ridiculously proud of but now makes me cringe) was inspired by my Google search for headshots. My daughter needed headshots so I looked up what they were.

Frankly, I was disappointed by what I saw. Soulless, dull, uninspired heads. (Try it! Google headshots and click on images and tell me you don’t see it!). But then, there was one that jumped out at me.

I clicked it.

This is how I found Peter Hurley.

Peter is now a rock star in the photography world. But at the time, he was just starting on this journey.

A few months later, I looked him up again. I saw he was offering an online course. I hesitated. Thought I couldn’t afford it.

But the thought was keeping me up at night.

Maybe it was time for me to pursue this dream?

So I jumped in. The rest is history.

Peter Hurley changed my relationship with the camera.
He changed my relationship with my subjects.
And he changed how I looked at myself.

So now, when I look at that after picture, I see the work of a professional photographer.

Thank you Peter.


By Anita Watkins