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What to Wear

Tips on looking great in your headshot and personal branding photos

who is the hero?

Have the most important person choose their outfit first. I usually suggest whoever is most anxious is the one to focus on because if they aren’t feeling it, everyone will feed off of their energy. In my family shoot, it was me (I was the problem lol) so I chose my outfit first and built everyone else’s from that.

Colour Palette

Stick to a total of about three “neutral” colours for the whole group. Not everyone has to wear all three colours though! What do I mean? Well let’s say the colours you choose are taupe, light blue and white. That would mean that one person could wear taupe pants and a light blue and white striped shirt while another person could wear a light blue dress and a third could wear white pants and a light blue top.

Red as a neutral?

“Neutral” colours have a pretty wide scope though. Some options might include: grey, navy and light blue; red, white and blue (yup, red as a “neutral” can work!); black, white and grey; cream, navy and grey; and even taupe, cream and blue.

Two people only?

If there are two of you, you can stick to two neutral colours if you prefer. If you want to have the same colour top, make sure that the style is different to avoid looking too matchy.

Pop it!

To liven up the photo, choose one pop of colour to use throughout the photo. For example, use red as your accent. One person can have red shoes, another a bit of red in a scarf and another can have red socks. Not everyone has to use the accent colour to make it look awesome in the photo.

Your couch for inspiration.

Think like an interior decorator! I often refer to cushions on a couch. They do not have to match, they just have to coordinate. The rules above help you achieve that look. It is awesome to include some patterns in the mix. Plaids, stripes, and other simple patterns make the photo more interesting and more natural looking as well.

These boots aren't just made for walking.

Remember to think about shoes. Neon running shoes can look cool with denim but might not work for a more traditional look ;)

Gotta feel great!

Be comfortable! Ill-fitting clothes will affect how you feel and that will show up in the final photos.

Are the advertisers paying you for that?

Watch for large logos on clothing items. They tend to distract from the photo unless there is a particular purpose to having it there. Then it is super cool ;)

Still need help?

Don’t hesitate to text (226-448-6715) or email me (info@anitawatkins.com) photos of your selections. I will be happy to give you my honest feedback. If you like, I would be happy to come to your home and help you select items from your closets! I want you excited and confident, not overwhelmed.