Why I Love This Photo….The answer will surprise you!

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The reason I love this photo is not your typical reason.

You might have guessed it is because of the subject.

Well, that might have been it. This is my children’s grandfather (my father in law). He is almost 87 years old and an astonishing man. He is what you would call a “Renaissance Man”. Seems like an old fashioned term now in the day of specialization and experts. Is there anything this man won’t try? How about wind surfing after retirement? Or studying biology after a lifetime in the nuclear energy industry? Or maybe becoming an expert chef in his 70’s? I could go on. But oddly enough, that is not the reason.

Then, you are asking, is it because of the location?

It could easily be the reason. This is at a beach at the cottage my family has rented for many years. My children call it “their cottage”. It is 5 minutes from my husband’s hometown and we have many wonderful memories of time spent here. It is arguably the best beach along the Ottawa River. There is a drop off, off of the point, which frankly terrifies me. The town isn’t called “Deep River” for no reason. But oddly enough, that is not the reason.

Is it because of the light?

That would be a typical photographer answer, wouldn’t it. Yes, the golden hour of sunset is magical light. And yes, I love it. But this isn’t the reason I love this photo.

The reason I LOVE THIS PHOTO IS……….

This is the moment I knew I was a professional photographer. Many photographers complain about not being taken seriously by their own family. My family is the biggest cheerleaders I could ever ask for and for that I am grateful. But even so, I wasn’t sure UNTIL THIS MOMENT:

I was taking family photos down by the beach. We decided to take a break to let my father in law catch his breath. I decided to start taking some candids.

Without a word, all three of my kids jumped into action.
One child started holding the reflector to bounce some magic light onto her grandfather.
Another child, moved so as to block the harshest of the light shining on their grandfather so that he would lower the hand he was using to shadow his face.
And the last child, wordlessly moved people so that their bodies or shadows were not in the shot.


And THAT is the reason I LOVE THIS PHOTO.

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By Anita Watkins