Why Winter Can be a GREAT Time for a Portrait

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Winter isn’t always the most popular time to book a portrait session let alone an outdoor one but this is proof as to why it can work.

What is special about winter portraits? Well the light can be really special in the winter. In Canada, the sun is lower in the sky in the winter which can cast a really beautiful light on faces. Add that the snow is a fabulous natural reflector and you have a recipe for magic.


This session was done during a snowy day so there were even extra challenges getting it to look just right!

If you are trying on this on your own, be sure to use settings on your camera that can deal with the large amount of light. If you don’t, your images can look off in colour. This is especially noticeable in the colour of the snow. It can take practice to get it looking awesome!

One way to trick the camera settings, is to look for some backgrounds that reduce the amount of light entering the camera. Notice the trees behind this model? Not only to they add interest and depth to the photos, they help reduce the amount of glare coming into the camera.

Just remember that great portraits can be done ANY time of the year!! Contact me (check out the contact me page on this site https://anitawatkinsphotography.com/anita-watkins-photography/contact-us/)
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By Anita Watkins